Ezzy Cheetah 2019

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The Cheetah is the fastest, easiest no-cam sail we’ve ever built. The Cheetah’s deep, wing-like profile is achieved by sewing profile into the panels, giving the Cheetah the look of a molded sail. This makes the draft significantly more stable and locked in. So, you get power, speed, and control for fast straights and easy jibes. David Ezzy has been making Sails for over 35 years—waves sails, speed sails, slalom sails, foil sails, freeride sails. This wealth of experience combines in the Cheetah to create a fast, easy free ride experience that starts when you unroll the sail. The Cheetah sets up in minutes with rigging gauges that remove all the guesswork from tuning. Just downhaul until the gauge lines up with the bottom of your mast. Ask David Ezzy how long a sail should last, and he says “forever.” The Cheetah is built with reinforced X-ply, ripstop scrim-X, and a Weft-Stop anti-rip sleeve cloth. Every seam is glued and covered before being sewn. David Ezzy owns his own factory because no other factory can produce the quality he demands. In the Ezzy factory, we rig every Cheetah on the correct mast with the correct downhaul and outhaul. And then we tune the battens. After all that, every inch of the sail is thoroughly inspected to make sure it meets the quality standards. The Cheetah represents a lifetime love of windsurfing and making sails…so you can go fast.ezzy.



Størrelse 6,5 m2, Størrelse 7,0 m2, Størrelse 7,5 m2, Størrelse 8,5 m2